SoHo Sage Diaper Bag Review

SoHo - Sage Diaper bag with changing pad 6 pieces set

The SoHo Sage is a 6 piece Diaper bag set which costs under $30 and I think makes a nice neutral bag, suitable for a baby girl or boy, and suitable for both parents. This bag originally retailed at $49.99 so if you can find it for under $30, then in my opinion makes great value for money.

Value for Money

There are 6 pieces which are:

  1. The diaper bag
  2. A changing pad which is thankfully padded
  3. A small accessory case
  4. A wipes case
  5. A bottle bag
  6. A food bag

That is pretty much everything that you need to have a really nice set. As you can see from the picture below the set does look pretty cute, and that also helps make it a popular choice for many people.

SoHo - Sage Diaper bag with changing pad 6 pieces set

Please note that this set does NOT come with the little furry animals that you see.

Reviews on the SoHo Sage Bag

There are over 1,000 online reviews at the time of writing this review article. Buyers have rated this bag with an 81% buyer satisfaction rating, so clearly this one has stood the tests of time.

The pieces that you get in this set are useful, but the bottom line is always about the actual diaper bag itself. Let’s have a closer look at that and also find out what actual buyers have to say.

This is a large Tote style bag that has a zipped closure at the top. I always like to see that as it means you can keep everything inside and be assured that it is secure.

I really don’t like the look of a gaping bag, or one where things can accidentally tipple out. You can carry this one over your shoulder using the straps and it can also be carried on a stroller using the stroller grips. That is a good thing in my opinion.

The main compartment  of the bag is roomy and will hold a lot of baby’s bits and pieces. There are also enough pockets if you like to keep certain items in certain places. The bag measures 16.8 x 13.1 x 2.3″ so that is considered to be a medium sized bag. I would have liked this one to be slightly wider and something between 4-5″.

That said it is still big enough to hold enough without being over generous. The smaller accessory bag that you get with this set is handy for the shorter trips and means you do not have to always carry the bigger bag around.

Many reviewers commented on the colour and I think that is worth mentioning. This Sage is a neutral one and it will match just about any other colour. It is also a natural colour and even the most macho of men, will not object to carrying this one around. I would describe it as a pleasant colour that makes coordination easy.


Most reviewers, though not all of them, state that their bag has lasted well. I did read a few negative reviews who said the quality was poor. The zips stopped working and the seams started to come apart. Generally though most people are more than pleased with the quality of the workmanship.

In my opinion this all comes down to one thing. How much are you going to try and put inside the bag? As I mentioned earlier this bag is slightly over 2″ wide.

That is narrow and if you try to pack a lot of things inside, then you are going to put a lot of pressure on both the seams and the closures. This bag is designed for a single baby. When I checked it out I found that it would easily hold enough.

If however you have twins, or a baby and toddler to cater for, then there is no chance of getting all of those items inside this bag. You will need to buy a bigger and wider bag to be able to do that. If you try and force a lot of items, especially heavy ones into this bag, then it will not last very long.

Most reviewers rate this bag highly and you will always find people who are dissatisfied. For me it is horses for courses. For a parent with a baby, this bag is fine. That is what it was designed for and most reviews that I have read state the exact same thing. here is a sample review;

Absolutely awesome! Super sturdy and looks so nice that I ordered another one for a friend of mine!The zippers are sturdy, but we’ll see how it holds up to our aggressive use! So far pretty amazing! Would definitely buy again!

You can check out the full range of SoHo bags by clicking here.

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For those who want something that is good value for money and suitable for a single baby, then this one is a pretty good choice.