SoHo Lavender Diaper Bag Review

soho lavender diaper bag

The Lavender bag from SoHo remains to be one of their biggest sellers in the current market place. For just under $23 that is honestly not too surprising at all. This is a good quality bag and you get plenty for your money. This set has 6 pieces and includes:

  1. Main diaper bag
  2. Changing station that is well padded
  3. A small accessory case
  4. A wipes case with a zipped closure
  5. An insulated case for a bottle
  6. A food bag that once again has a zipped closure.

soho lavender diaper bag

You can see the full set in the image above and as you can see the lavender name is pretty obvious. It is very stylish, is high quality and best of all is practical. I would never buy a diaper bag that simply looks good as functionality is very important for parents. here is what one buyer over at Amazon had to say about their purchase:

I bought this for my sister. Its her first baby and I wasn’t really sure how big it was. But I loved the colors (and she loves these colors). Its perfect! My sister loves it. I filled it with lots of lotions, shampoos, diapers and things for her gift. So it does hold a lot. I think its a great buy.

As you can see this bag is very practical and yet it is the rich lavender colour that is almost always the first attraction. Some people say that this bag is now a little old-fashioned, but despite that it continues to sell. For me lavender is a colour that simply never goes out of fashion. Some colours do come and go, but not this one.

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SoHo Lavender – Value for Money

I do go an a lot about value for money but that is something that is always very important for me. When you compare and contrast this bag to many that are currently on the market, you will have to search long and hard to best this one in the value for money stakes. These are all good quality items, that have been well made, and yet you get the entire set for less than $23.

The best thing is that everything matches really well and I think looks really good. Here is what another reviewer said about this particular choice.

Love it for my daughter from since birth. Use the big one for daycare and the small one to run errands in the town.


Some reviewers have complained about the zips breaking on the bags. This can happen and if it does you should always return it and get it replaced. You can not over fill these bags and stretch zips to the limit. The bag holds plenty and as long as you don’t over stretch them, they should be fine.

Just be aware of this though especially if you want the bag to last.

Baby Girls

The lavender color does make this bag a perfect choice for a baby girl. It would not be ideal for a baby boy so just remember that if you decide to purchase this one. I have done lists of bags suitable for girls which you can read by clicking here. If you are looking for bags for boys, then check out this list.

Lavender Diaper Bag Set – Summary and Verdict

Overall please remember that this bag costs only $23 so it will never be a top quality bag. That said, you get a nice looking set and several different items that match really well. The quality is generally good and it remains a consistent good selling product. It is an older bag though and since it was designed and produced many other brands have brought out other ranges.

This one may get forgotten about as SoHo have brought out a new SoHo Collection range which you can read about by clicking here.

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For this one, it represents good value for money, is a beautiful colour and best suited for a baby girl.