Soho Grand Central Diaper Bag Review 2017

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Welcome to my review of the Soho Collection, and the Grand Central 7 piece diaper bag set. This is currently on a limited time offer over at Amazon. At the moment you can get all 7 pieces of this fabulous collection for under $45. At that price, there never has been a better time to snap up this real bargain.

Six customers have left 5 star reviews, and the product has only been released, so that should give you a really good idea of the high quality of this, and the great value for money. If you are aware of SoHo as a brand, then you will know that they are one of the leading brands in the baby market. They sell some of the best selling products out there so they are a very popular choice, and in the affordable range.

soho grand central diaper bag review

The brand calls this the “Mommy Essentials” range and has a full 7-piece Tote set with a large bag, a smaller purse with a carrying strap. There is of course the changing station, two accessory cases, an insulated bottle bag and a pair of stroller grips. I dread to think how much you would pay if these were all bought as separate items.

Buyer Reviews of The Grand Central Collection

Here is what one 5-star buyer had to say as means of an introduction:

Ok really, I LOVE this bag!! I was really impressed by the quality especially for the price. It’s more cream than the picture looks. The side pockets are huge and I can fit two sippy cups/bottles in each pocket so a total of 4 if needed. The stroller straps are great, there are 4 large pockets on the inside….

soho diaper bag

It is pretty fair to say that many of the other reviewers that I read on both Amazon and in the parenting forums make these sort of statements all of the time. When I checked it out I like the fact that it was easy to wipe clean. It also looks really stylish and to be honest I could find very little to complain about.

Perhaps if it had a longer strap on the main bag, that would really have helped. Other than that, the bag looks great and the accessories are also very good quality, and a really nice addition to the bag. Many of the reviewers also stated that this bag was huge and believe me, it most certainly is when compared to some others on the market.

The thing that makes this a winner for me though is simply the enormous value for money. for a good quality diaper bag, you would expect to pay anything between $30-50, so with this one being, just a couple of dollars over $40, it is in my opinion, a steal at that price.

The main bag measures 17″ by 14″ by 2.4″ wide and that will hold a lot of baby stuff, and you will still have room for items of your own. That is a big bag when compared to many of the standard size bags on the market right now. I haven’t as yet added this one to my top 10 list as I like to see what the ratings are like after 50 reviews or so. So far though, this SoHo Grand Central product is making all the right noises. I will of course continue to keep you posted about this one.