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Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Review

The Duo diaper bag has been a very popular choice for many parents. Due to the popularity of this choice, Skip Hop brought out this very pretty French stripe edition which I have to say I instantly fell in love with.

From the images below you will see why this was the case. I think it is one of the best bags that I have ever seen.

Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Quick Review

If you have read any of my reviews you will understand that I like bags that are practical and useful and the appearance then comes in third place.

This one is so eye catching that you can not be amazed by the appearance first. They have managed to do this but yet maintained the functionality and practicality of the originally designed duo bag.

They have done a range of these special editions but the one that catches the eye is the French Stripe.

  • Nice comfortable handles and adjustable stroller straps
  • A changing pad which is very well cushioned for comfort
  • 9 pockets

It gets a 90% buyer satisfaction rating from online buyers so that should give you a strong indication of just how special this one really is.

It is a classic modern design which has retained all the important features of the original Skip Hop Duo bag. As well at this classic French Stripe they also do this bag in Aztec, Blue Pinpoint and Plum Sketch.

They are also really nice looking but none of those are selling as well as the one I am reviewing here. The others one are also more expensive and that may explain the reason for the much lower sales.

Like the original duo this one is also made from polyester and that makes it easy to wipe clean.

It comes with stroller straps and also has the matching changing pad. With a full 9 pockets there is of course plenty of storage and I like that in any bag as it is very important.

Main Features of the Special Edition

I have covered off the basics but it is worth having a quick look at some other important features. It measures 13.8 x 14 x 4.2″ so a really nice medium size and weighs just under 2 lbs when empty.

That means you can add plenty of items for baby as there is not a lot of weight in the actual bag itself.

That speaks volumes in terms of its durability and quality. At least you know if you purchase this one it will last for a long time and the zips work great.

That is probably the single biggest complaint about any bag, zips that stick or stop working. It is I agree truly annoying.

It is cute looking and in my opinion doesn’t actually look like your typical diaper bag. When reviewing this one that point was made time and time again.

It has a real designer look to it without the designer price tag of course. It is rare to find a bag that is practical, looks great and is so durable but Skip Hop seems to have cracked it with this one.

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While I was reviewing this one I also came across this which I thought was pretty cute as well.

Skip Hop Soho Cross Body Clutch

This one is also done in the French Stripe pattern. This one is handy if you are popping out to the shop or on a short trip and again I think it looks very classy indeed. It has 3 pockets and comes with a wipe case and a small changing pad.

Soho Cross-Body Diaper Clutch

This one falls in the mini category of bags and complements the bigger bag really well. This one is for Moms who like to look chic.

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So as you can see this company has taken a really good product, the Duo, and now added various new looks to it that make it much more trendy.