My Review of the Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

The Skip Hop Duo is a very popular choice for many buyers. There is a lot to like about this one and in this article we shall review this in detail. It is a good size and measures 14 x 13 x 4.25" and weighs 1.8 lbs when all the packaging has been removed.

That makes it what I would term as a sensible and practical size and weight. It is big enough to hold enough of baby's items and yes small enough that it can be easily carried around. That is the main reason for its popularity.

We have rated this bag at  of 4.7 out of 5 stars which is a consistent and high standard of rating. This bag has earned this due to the high quality. It has an average price of $65 depending on where you make your purchase.

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Skip Hop Duo Essential Diaper Bag, Chevron
Review Summary

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Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

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Diaper Bag with Zip top closure

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You can see from the images above that this bag looks good and has a nice chevron style design. Skip Hop label this one as their signature bag and that is probably fair comment. As you know if you have read any of my other reviews that although I want a bag that looks good, I also want it to be useful and practical.

It is available in the Heather Grey color and also available in the Chevron style...just be careful when ordering to get the right model.


Detailed Review of the Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

I have already covered the fact that this is an ideal size and it is light weight. Those are important features to bear in mind when getting any bag. This bag will fit most strollers and it comes with a changing pad that is cushioned. Many bags come with a rather thin pad which is not that comfortable for baby, but this one has a nice feel to it.

The bag itself is made from polyester which is easy to wipe and keep clean. The main compartment closes with a zip and I think that is always a really good idea. Far too many bags made these days leave the bag open and personally I don't like that.

I prefer to keep the contents of my bag private and also to avoid the contents getting wet during poor weather. The zipped enclosure makes sure that happens.

There are 10 pockets with 2 meshed side pockets ideal for holding bottles. It comes with stroller straps and clips and that will allow this one to fit most types of strollers. As you can see from these key features this bag does tick all of the boxes. I have attached a short video review below.

Who Would Buy the Signature Bag?

This is a nice diaper bag that is very good quality. The Skip Hop brand have re-designed this one based on parental feedback.

The changes they have made are as a result of that feedback. This one in grey is suitable for both Moms and Dads.

It is also spacious so ideal for a baby, twins or baby and a toddler.​

Skip Hop Duo Bag

Skip Hop Signature Bag Details

Skip Hop have also added tote style handles which I think is a very clever idea. It attaches easily to strollers. This bag also comes with a cushioned changing pad for the ultimate baby comfort during diaper changes.

It is made from Polyester and that makes it very easy to wipe clean.

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag
  • Ideal for hanging on a stroller 
  • Has a cushioned changing pad for the most comfort
  • Measures 14 x 13 x 3.5"
  • Weighs 1.4 lbs
  • Made from: Polyester
  • Suitable for either Mom or Dad to carry
  • Lots of useful pockets

Most buyers loved the shape and style of this bag. If you are a person who appreciates good organization, then this bag will be a very good choice for you. Due to its coloring the bag can be used by Dads without them having to worry about anything pink and/or frilly.

People living in cities seem to like this choice a lot. That bag has plenty of room and that can give a tendency to over filling it.


“That material looks great, and it is easy to keep it clean and looking like new.”

What Buyers Say About the Signature Bag


What Buyers Like
  • Looks stylish without being girly
  • Lots of useful pockets
  • Loved the zipper that closes and stops the contents falling out
  • Stands up on its own without falling over
  • Easy to keep clean
What Buyers Didn't Like
  • Some buyers thought it could have been a little bigger.
  • A few buyers thought it could have been wider and not so deep.

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag Video Review

Below you can watch a video that shows in detail the Versa actually being used by a Mom.​


As you can from the many buyer reviews this is a very good quality bag with great high and consistent ratings which it gets on a consistent basis. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Skip Hop Signature to my readers.

Skip Hop Duo Bag

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Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

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