Planning Guide for a Baby Shower

baby-shower planning
Baby Shower Planning

If you are thinking of having a baby shower, then it is always wise to plan ahead. The same applies if you are the one who has somehow managed to get the job of organizing  this big event. A baby shower planning guide is probably the best way for keeping all of the details in order.

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They are just good to have and a tick list is useful so as you don't miss out on anything. 

The host of any shower party has quite a few responsibilities and a lot of decisions to make. In fact, sometimes having too many ideas and options can actually be very confusing. It is always best to keep this simple, and avoid helpful suggestions from friends.

Streamline the Process​

Without the party guide, you may find yourself spinning around with too many people offering far too many ideas. You may notice that they didn't volunteer to do the job, but are very keen to tell you how they think it should be done.

Pick a Theme and Go With It

Any good planner will tell you this one piece of advice. It is always best to pick a single theme, and then build all the information and planning around that one single themed party. Too many idea spoil the party, as too many cooks can soil the broth.

There are plenty of decorations, games, favors, invitations, thank you cards available. If you can get a theme, then it is a matter of buying those, and getting the right numbers.

For example, the theme of the party might be Precious Moments. This is a lovely theme for such an event but there are also distractions that may occur. The Precious Moments theme is available in plates, napkins and other baby shower party supplies. That makes it possible to keep strictly with a chose theme.

Timing of the Baby Shower​

Some showers are thrown a couple months before the baby arrives while some are given after the baby is born. There are benefits to each of these approaches and it is best to get a feel for what the mother-to-be prefers.

Here is a video guide to help plan for a baby shower. There are some great tips and tricks in here.​

Who is coming to the party?

Like any party, who is being invited can be a real pain. There will be some obvious ones and a discussion with the Mom as to who she wants there is always a good idea. Even when you go to the trouble of sending out invitations, many people do not do the right thing and reply.

That can cause problems when ordering up the various bits and pieces. It is often simpler to call them, ask did they get the invitation, and if they are coming or not? At least that way, you get an approximate idea of numbers.

This can also be an even trickier undertaking if the celebration is going to be a surprise. Finding addresses and phone numbers can be time consuming. The organizing book is ideal for keeping this information in order. The organizer will also help you create a doable menu, choose party favors and work within a realistic timeframe.

Some Tips for a Successful Shower

  • Hold it four to six weeks before the due date
  • Establish a theme
  • Write down the guest list
  • Set the tone and size of the baby shower
  • Plan out a few fun games,
  • Plan the menu
  • Make or buy the baby shower party favors,
  • Pick a time and location