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Monogrammed Diaper Bag Reviews

When people are thinking about getting a diaper bag, then often they like to personalize it or have it monogrammed. Here are at the Diaper Bag Guide, we thought we would do reviews of some of best of this type.

There are not a lot of good quality ones around. To be honest many of the attempts that we saw at achieving this, were either very ordinary, or just downright low quality. For some strange reason those who offer these types of bags, seem to think it is enough to be able to stick a few initials on it, and that alone will sell the bag.

We decided however to look only for those bags that could be monogrammed, or made personal in some way, while at the same time being practical and durable. We also wanted bags that we thought represented really good value for money. I hope that you enjoy the selection that we have managed to find.

Monogrammable Pink Quilted (3) Piece Diaper Bag with Ribbon Accents & Colorful Owl & Flower Print Bottom

A very long name indeed we thought when we first saw it. It just seems though that they have added the description into the title for some strange reason. Owls are a huge fashion trend right now, so we are assuming that they wanted to get that into the extraordinary long title. So, despite that this is actually a good quality diaper bag.

It measures 16.5″ by 13″ by 5″ and weighs just a single pound. That tells us instantly that this is a good sized bag, and the width of 5″ is particularly useful. The manufacturers of diaper bags are rather guilty of making the width far too narrow for a practical bag, but not with this one.

As you can see from the picture, this is a rich vibrant quilted pink colour on the top half of the bag, and the owl pattern at the bottom looks fantastic. For your money, you get three pieces which are:

  1. The diaper bag
  2. The changing pad
  3. A very pretty cosmetic bag

There are three pockets on the front, multiple inside pockets and one exterior zippered back pocket. All in we thought that is about enough pockets for all your different baby needs.

Buyers at Amazon rated this VERY highly giving it an average of 4.8 out of 5, which is rather exceptional. Instructions are given when you receive the bag about how to get it monogrammed, and personalized for you, or whoever you are buying it for.

For less than $25, we thought this one was really great value, and would honestly have expected to pay more.

Diaper Baby Bag – Quilted – Butterfly in TownTM/Turquoise – Blank/Personalized/Customized

We also thought this one looked really good as well, though $10 more expensive than the last two we have looked at. Still there are plenty of personalized and monogrammed choices with this one as you can see.