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Fisher Price Diaper Bags Reviews

Fisher-Price range of diaper bags

Fisher Price are a well known brand who supply a good range of baby products. Included in this is of course their own range of diaper bags. Here we will have look at the best ones within that range and then review which are the best ones to suit your needs.

What Ranges Exist?

Their main range is one known as the “Fastfinder.” Outside that they also do a number of bespoke style bags which have been designed for more individual styles. The Fastfinder range includes the following bags:

  • Fastfinder Messenger
  • Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger
  • Fastfinder Deluxe Convertible
  • Fastfinder Deluxe Oversized Messenger
  • Fastfinder Deluxe Wide Opening
  • Fastfinder Urban Messenger
  • Fastfinder Deluxe Fashion Diaper Tote
  • Fastfinder Diaper Backpack
  • Fastfinder Dome Diaper Backpack

In addition to those they also do several other more bespoke bags which include:

  • Elephant Duffel Style
  • Monkey Duffel Style
  • Luv U Zoo Diaper Bag
  • Carryall
  • Diaper Backpack
  • Butterfly Embroidery Tote

So as you can see they produce a very extensive range of diaper bags in many different styles. Below we have covered a summary review of each of their best selling bags.

Fisher Price Fastfinder Messenger

Fisher-Price FastFinder Messenger Diaper Bag with Locket FeatureThis is one of their best rated bags and costs around $25 depending on where you make your purchase. It is a cocoa brown coloured bag with a few green inserts as you can see, and looks quite stylish. The principle behind this one, as the name might suggest, is to allow a busy Mom or Dad to be able to find things quickly.

It has a few handy pockets such as one for a cell phone, one for wet wipes and of course the all important bottle holder. It has a good number of compartments and that is what makes it easy to find what you are looking for in this bag.

Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger

Fisher Price Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger BagThis model is their best selling bag and one that many people choose to buy. It comes in the grey color that you can see to the right, but it also comes in black. On average you will pay between $40-45 for this product depending on where you make your purchase.

I found almost 200 buyer reviews for this one at Amazon and on average they rated this one as a  4.2 out of 5 star product. For this type of bag, that is a consistently good rating, and with so many people buying it, would be at the top of their line in terms of sales.

This one is also available with a red color replacing the green, but it is more expensive.

Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Oversized Messenger

Fisher-Price FastFinder Deluxe Oversized Messenger Diaper BagThis model costs around $30 and as the name would indicate it is a bigger bag, so ideal for twins, or for a baby and toddler. That is simply because it can hold a lot more stuff, and when catering for two we all know how important that can be.

Now personally I like this rich navy color and the orange highlighting and grey piping. It makes this one look very attractive. In the main though, this one is really about being a big bag and it measures, 17.5 x 13.3 x 2.7″ and weighs just under 2 lbs. This one is a very recent addition to their range.

Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Wide Opening

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Wide Opening Diaper BagThis is one that I could not recommend to you based on any reviews that I have read. There are not a great deal of buyers so far, but those who have left reviews have mainly left poor ones. So much so that on average this one rates only at 3.3 out of 5 stars.

That is a poor rating and the reasons given are that it was simply badly made and that is so unlike this manufacturer. Maybe they will get rid of this one and we will have to wait and see.

For now though I would give this one a miss. Buyers seemed to like the look of this one, though yet again I really do not. It would not be on any of my lists.

Fisher Price Fastfinder Urban Messenger

Fisher-Price FastFinder Urban Messenger Diaper BagThe Urban messenger is one of the cheapest in the range and it can be found for around $18-20 and that will suit anyone on a really tight budget. Again this one captures the fashionable colors of ebony and grey.

So if you like to stay on trend then this bag is classed as chic, and yet retains all the practicality of the Fisher Price range. It only weighs around 1.5 lbs and measures 17 x 14.5 x 5.5″ so a nice size of a bag.

This one is rated by Amazon buyers at 4.1 out of 5 stars.
Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Fashion Diaper Tote

Fisher Price Fastfinder Diaper Backpack

Fisher-Price Diaper BackpackIf you prefer a backpack style, then this one might be a great choice for you. This particular bags really does get some fantastic ratings and has to be right up there with any backpack diaper bag that I have ever seen or reviewed. There is a lot to like about this bag.

You can see from the image on the right that this one looks very good indeed. It measures 18 x 13 x 4″ and weighs 1.3 pounds. The best features about this one is that it holds quite a lot of items, is durable and buyers said it was a very good size.

Now it is not huge but it will suit many people who prefer this style of a diaper bag.
Fisher Price Fastfinder Dome Diaper Backpack

Fisher Price Elephant Duffel Style

Fisher-Price Elephant Duffel Style Diaper BagBuyers seem to simply love this style with the ever popular elephant print. It comes with side pockets for bottle, a changing pad and an adjustable shoulder strap. It is in the traditional duffel style.

This is a super cute bag and measures 16.5 x 12.5 x 2.3″.

I guess if you like elephants, then this one will be a very popular choice. It sells well enough and like many in this range is a good practical choice as we

Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Diaper Bag

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Diaper BagAnother quirky, but cute and loveable bag in this range. If you or your kids enjoy any type of animal print, then this one certainly catches the eye. Buyers do seem to simply adore this bag and it is right up there selling with the best of them.

It rates very well and there are close to 100 buyer reviews on this one and it has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

It measures 12.8 x 8.3 x 4″ so a nice size and it is very light at just over 10 ounces. It is practical as well but people do seem to buy this one mainly fir its very cute appearance.

Fisher Price Carryall Diaper Bag

Fisher-price - Carryall Diaper BagThis is a spacious bag which has a rather serious brown twill look to it and a sage lining. I have to say I am not a fan of this color, but some people love it. Almost 50 reviews have been left by buyers at Amazon and they seem on average to rate this bag fairly well.

They are not jumping up and down about though as it rates on average at 3.9 out of 5 stars. Personally I like to see at least 4 stars, so this is on that I would avoid. I just don’t like the overall look of it anyway. It is not an eye catcher and for me it looks a bit frumpy, if such a word actually exists.

Fisher Price Monkey Duffel Style

Fisher-Price Monkey Duffel Style Diaper BagAs I have already mentioned about loving elephants, then this one is all about loving monkeys. This one costs about $20-25 depending on where you buy it. Those who do have rated this at 4.5 out of 5 stars which is one of the highest ratings in the entire range.

I am going to be a bit of a spoil sport here though as I really don’t like it at all. I have nothing at all against monkeys, but I think the colors are rather drab for my own tastes. In this range I would much rather go for the Luv U Zoo one shown above as it is much brighter and cheery.

It is all to do with personal taste though and buyers rate this one highly. It measures 16.6 x 12 x 2.3″ and weighs around 1.6 lbs.