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Best Diaper Bags for Cloth Diapers

Here I have reviewed what I believe are the best diaper bags for cloth diapering Moms and Dads. I guess the question really is, because you have decided to use cloth diapers, do you really need a different type of diaper bag, for you and your baby?

When you break this down, the main difference is simply space, and having enough room in your bag, to be able to hold the cloth diapers that you will need. There are many reasons to decide on using cloth rather than disposable ones, and we have examined that already. ​

Most people make this choice based simply on the cost effectiveness, and some decide to do this as they prefer the older more traditional methods. There is of course the nice fluffy diapers to consider as well along with the impact on the environment.

Whatever the reason, you have made that choice, and that is all that is really important right now. The good news is that there are quite a few to pick from so we will have a look at them here, and you can make your own mind up.

Personally I think you need more than just room when you are picking out a bag. If we look at disposable diapers first, then essentially these will be packed into a bag, and when the baby needs to be changed, then that diaper will simply be thrown away and replaced with another.

With cloth diapers that of course will not be the case, and you will need somewhere to store the soiled diaper. That is a huge difference!

You will not want to just put that diaper back into your main bag, which is why I think you need something like a Wet/Dry diaper bag. That for me is the most practical thing to do, and also in my opinion the cheapest way to do it.

Kanga Care Wet Bag, Quinn

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This wet bag really caught my eye and holds up to 12 soiled diapers. It is very durable and the manufacturers state that this one is industrial strength.
  • Given that, I was actually very impressed with the style and also the great range of colors that were available. You don't normally associate style with industrial strength, but somehow Kanga have been able to merge the two.
  • It comes in Quinn plaid, Peacock, Phantom black, Preppy Plaid and Dexter plaid. The Dexter plaid I though was more suitable for the guys and my own preference is the Preppr plaid, as the colors are very vibrant.
  • This bag gets really strong reviews with an impressive 90% buyer rated satisfaction. 

It measures 5.5 x 7.9 x 0.8" so not as big as the one above, and can just be used for storing the wet and soiled diapers. This would need to be used along with a good quality diaper bag that would hold your dry diapers and accessories.

Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet/Dry Diaper Bag

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This particular bag for example has a large zippered pocket for either wet items or dirty diapers, and that for me is an essential requirement.
  • This particular one holds eight cloth diapers and at a push, you could probably get about ten into it.
  • There is also a mesh zippered pocket for the dry and clean items. This bag also ticks the boxes for being BPA-free, PVC free and Phthalate free.

    It has a waterproof lining and it can also be washed in a machine. I also happen to think that this one looks pretty good and for under $15, represents great value for money.
  • It measures 12 x 0.5 x 15" so a pretty good size and it only weighs 4 ounces, so light enough to carry around. This bag is flexible enough, and has enough room to hold most of your necessities.

As you can tell from the name this is an ideal bag for those who just need to get some cloth diapers into it, and then be ready to go, knowing that you have somewhere to keep the dirty diapers, until you can get them washed.

Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag

Buyer Satisfaction
  • This bag is made from a single ply construction means no worrying about icky stuff growing between layers of fabric.
  • Has a really good zipper closure that locks away the mess.
  • The bag is machine washable which is always a great idea
  • It is made from waterproof fabric which is 100% polyester with a waterproof coating
  • The bag is importantly BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free and lead-free.
  • ​The huge majority of buyers say this bag is extremely easy to clean
  • Can also be used as a bag for accessories, toiletries,and just about anything you want to use it for.