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Best Diaper Bags for Both Parents 2018

You find a beautiful diaper bag, but the guy shies away from it, as it may just be a tad too girly for him to carry? Some men feel like this and a possible simple solution is a unisex diaper bag. Finding diaper bags that are “gender neutral” can solve this slightly awkward situation, and just make your life a great deal easier in the process.

I remember when my daughter was born and as parents we were both over the moon. I did however go on a bit of a “pink” craze. Now I know that pink and girls go great together as does the color blue and boys.

Suddenly though our home was almost over run with clothes, bottles, sheets, wall paper and everything a glorious pink color. It was great fun though and I was amazed at many of the gifts we were both lucky enough to receive.

We quickly realised though that when you pack a diaper bag, and have to carry the baby at the same time, then that is quite a bit of weight and it can also be awkward. We also realised that there would be many times when my husband would have to carry the diaper bag around, either with our new family, or on his own.

Now, I do understand that some guys would have no problem carrying a pink bag, but my hubby would not be one of them. He doesn’t do polka dots or frills either. So I am writing this article to help out anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

There are lots of diaper bags out there, that do an excellent job, are well rated and suit both parents. There can be as much pink in the house and none of that is a big problem for him, but I know he would draw the line at carrying pink bags. Some people might say he should just get over it, but in any relationship, there always has to be compromise.

Best Unisex Diaper Bags on the Market

I have picked 5 great diaper bags which I think are gender neutral, are very high quality, and still look pretty in my opinion. These are more importantly very functional, durable and have all the right number of pockets and well designed interiors.

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag

With almost 500 reviewers at Amazon rating this bag with an average 82% buyer satisfaction rating, you know that you are getting a very good quality bag.

This particular one come with stroller attachments, and a changing pad that matches the bag. It is also PVC and phthalate free, and can be used from birth and all the way through to a 50 pounds weight.

It is available in three colors, onyx, aspen arbor and stone arbor. The aspen is a dark green color with the onyx being close to black and the stone being a grey color. My preference in this color range would be the stone arbor, as it will match many strollers, and I think looks very good. It is a grey color with nice white accents.

It measures 6 x 17 x 13, so a good size bag for all your needs and weighs a single pound. These are the main features that I like about this particular diaper bag.

  • It has a messenger strap and that allows you to carry the bag and at the same time hold your child’s hand. This is a lot more important than many people think. The number of times you have to do this in a day is incredible.
  • This bag is wide and that is important as well. Many manufacturers make these bags far too narrow in my opinion.
  • You can fit a lot into this bag and there are more than enough pockets
  • The JJ Cole stroller grips are super high quality

Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag – Different Unisex Color Options

Skip Hop are a well known brand in the diaper bag market. This is one of their very best sellers. This particular one comes in 5 different colors and I would consider all of them to be gender neutral.

The colors are black, bronze, graphite, cream, and a black and white sketch diamond pattern. I checked these with my hubby and he said he would have no problem carrying any of these, but that the cream one was slightly pushing the envelope.

Is is BPA Free, PVC Free and Phthalate Free which in my opinion is so important, It also has an expandable center which can increase the bag size by 20%, which at times is pretty useful. Again this one comes with really good quality stroller straps that will fit on to any stroller.

It has 11 pockets, including two insulated bottle pockets, and has a zipped closure at the top of the bag. Again almost 600 reviewers rate this bag with an average 86% buyer satisfaction rating which is a very good rating.

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger Diaper Bag

It doesn’t get any more gender neutral than this diaper bag from Fisher-Price. It measures 14 x 6 x 14 inches and weighs just one pound. It is a great looking messenger bag, with 4 exterior pockets and several interior pockets for all your baby needs.

This would have been my hubby’s first choice as he simply liked the look of it, and he is a fan of Fisher-Price products anyway.

The wipe’s case can be removed for easy cleaning. The main feature of this bag is simply the amount of room inside. You really can pack some stuff into this one. My best friend uses this one and swears by it. Personally I preferred the JJ Cole diaper bag, but had I not got that one, I would have gone for this one.

It is a grey color and that is about as unisex as you can get, so no-one should have any problem or issues carrying this one around.

Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack

Many couples like the idea of a backpack diaper bag, so I thought I should include a unisex option for one of those. This is in my opinion, one of the best out there, and it looks great, as well as being very practical. It has 12 pockets and comes with both padded shoulder straps and stroller loops.

For just under $45, this one tops the ratings, and receives 4.8 out of 5 stars over at Amazon by actual buyers. Those are impressive ratings by any standards.

This backpack measures 18.2 by 15 by 8″ and weighs exactly 2 pounds.

It also has a padded back panel, which as you can imagine, makes carrying any type of weight around a lot more comfortable. Here is how one reviewer summed this one up

I received two beautiful diaper bags at my shower but they didn’t hold everything I needed and did not fit under my stroller. After two outings having to carry my bag on my shoulder I went looking for a backpack. This has been such a great purchase!

Hopefully I have given you some good ideas for diaper bags that will suit both parents. All of the above are unisex and gender neutral in my opinion.