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Best Diaper Bag Buying Guide 2019

A Welcome Message from Carol Barnes

Welcome to my website which is about reviewing the best diaper bags that are currently available on the market. Picking the perfect one for you is not always that easy as they vary in size, quality and price. On this site, I have produced a detailed guide and many reviews on the different types of bags around right now.

The information collected here is of course independent as I don't actually sell these products. That leaves me free to do the research and see what is actually available, and offer my own opinion on what I think is real value for money. I do hope that you find it helpful and useful

To get started on your search, simply click on any of the particular topics, that you may find to be of particular interest to you.​

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Bags By Pattern

As you can see from the above wide range of topics, there are any number of choices to make, which is good, but that is just one of the many decisions, you have to make.

There are many other items needed for a new baby such as strollers, chairs, diapers etc and a diaper bag is certainly right at the top of the list. In many ways it almost becomes your travelling companion. This is the magical bag that will hold a change of clothes for baby, diapers, bottles, their favorite toys and just about anything else that you can think of.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Your First Diaper Bag

So as a parent to be, your world is about to change. For the next one to one and a half years, you will become a first class diaper changer. In fact you will become an expert as the average number of diapers you will change will be....drum roll please...SEVEN THOUSAND!!!

​You will change them in your living room, the nursery, the car, in public and just about any single place you can think of. Heck, you will even change them at the beach and maybe even in an aeroplane. When you are at home, then you pretty much have everything close to hand including diapers, cream, wipes and a change of clothes.

If you run out of anything, then the chances are that you will have it stock piled somewhere in the house. However, when you are out and about, the baby still needs changed, still needs fed and still needs to be nursed. That is when having the right diaper bag will really make all the difference in the world. Basically you will need to carry with you:

  • Diapers
  • Formula
  • Clothes, clothes and even lots more clothes than you could ever imagine
  • Pacifiers
  • Bottles
  • Cream
  • Wipes

And about 100 other things that just seem to mount up. My main point here is that a diaper bag can quickly get filled up and can also get really heavy. Have you ever seen a struggling Mom when her stroller tips backwards from the weight of the diaper bag? Below I have outlined my top 5 tips for buying a diaper bag.

Best Diaper Bags Page

Tip 1 - Make Sure Your Bag Is Functional

I honestly can not stress enough that your first diaper bag should have as its main feature functionality. There is a tendency to always opt for something pretty and baby like, but my recommendation is to avoid that urge. Your diaper bag will be used and abused 10 times a day if you are out and about. It needs to be functional and also very durable to meet that type of treatment.

​I know that I am maybe over stressing this point but it is just so important. You will need a good sized bag, with good solid opening and closing catches or zippers. You will also need plenty of pockets to make it useful to find things quickly. It also needs to be made of a material that can be quickly wiped clean. Trust me on this, there will be spills, and a lot of them. I would also NEVER buy a diaper bag that doesn't have a changing pad as standard.

Tip2 - Size Matters

These bags come in all different sizes. The Tote style of diaper bag is the biggest and if you are going to be using a bag on a daily basis, then this is a good idea, as it can hold a lot of baby things. They are also really useful for long trips and also for overnight stays. Some Moms also opt for what is called a Hobo bag or a diaper sack, especially if they have a lot to carry. These are simply large over sized bags, that have straps which can be pulled together, and then they for a sack like appearance.

​The smaller type of bags are like shoulder bags, messenger bags and a backpack. As the name would suggest the shoulder bag pops over the shoulder, and if you want a trendy type of bag, then this one is ideal. The messenger bags are popular with a lot of parents, as they sit on your chest and strap on at the back. The backpack is the opposite and are really popular at the moment. You can also buy small clutch type bags, but these do not hold a great deal, but useful enough for a very short trip.

Tip 3 - Think of Dad​

​Most Dads will not carry around a pink flowery diaper bag. Now, we could complain about that, but to be honest it won't really change. So if as a parent you are a single Dad, or going to be a Dad that will be the main diaper bag carrier, there are a couple of options. There are now a whole range of diaper bags just for Dads available.. They come in patterns like skulls, camouflage and even sport's type bags. Well after all most Dads will like these.

However my advice would be that if there are two parents, then there needs to be a compromise, and yes there are plenty of choices as you will see on this website.​

Tip 4 - Think Stroller​

​If you are going to be using a stroller, then you want the bag to have the capability of being able to be hooked onto your stroller. Most bags come with some form of straps or attachments, but not all of them. These attachments also have to be designed so as the bag can be adjusted and balanced to avoid stroller tipping. A lot of ladies use running strollers these days, so be particularly careful if that is your preferred type of stroller as they need a particular kind of bag attachment.

Tip 5 - Shop Around​

​There are many manufacturers making these bags. Take your time and shop around. Most parents will do that when buying a cot, stroller, car seat etc. Trust me when I tell you, that your diaper bag will be used a lot more than any of those. A good diaper bag will cost around $30-60 depending on what you are looking for. Shop around and do some price matching. I have done a lot of this on this website if you would like to browse through the various categories above.

If you follow along with these tips, then you will end up making the best decision. I believe that the most important consideration, when it comes to buying a bag should always come down to your lifestyle. You really do have to think about things like when the bag will be used, where it will be used and mainly who will be making use of this.

Now I know that the design, the color and the functionality are all important​. The bottom line will always be how is the bag going to be used. Will you be taking the bag to a child minder everyday? Will you be taking it to the Grandparent's house, or to a nursery?  Will Mom or Dad be staying at home but going out in the car? Will you regularly be using a stroller?

Now I know that I am asking more questions, but they are all important as these are the type of questions that should help you decide the best type of bag to get. Is a tote better for your needs, or are you better off with a backpack? It is certainly worthwhile taking a little time out and simply go through these questions to help narrow down your choices. That way you can be pretty sure that you will get the best diaper bag for your exact needs.​