5 Bath Thermometers  for Keeping Your Baby Safe

Need to check the temperature of YOUR baby's bath water? Our picks for the best baby bath water thermometer 

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As a new parent, there are many hurdles to overcome. There are so many things to learn about the new arrival. One of the most important times is bath time for baby. This is a fantastic time for a parent and their new born to really bond together. Have you ever wondered what the right temperature for the bath water should be?

Years ago, and you may have seen this in old films, the midwife rolled up her sleeve, and dipped her elbow into the bath. I have no idea if that actually worked or not. Even if it did, most new Mums and Dads would have no idea, what they were supposed to be testing. A simpler and more reliable method is to use a bath thermometer. These are not that expensive, and they offer peace of mind.

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

NO 1 CHOICE - Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky

Retails Anywhere from: $3

This bath water thermometer floats on the water, and can be left there for the duration of bath time. It doubles up nicely as a toy. It is easy to read and very easy to use. It is pretty tough as well, even if it gets dropped.

Easy to hold and a simple disc tells you if the water is too hot for your baby. Great value for only a few dollars.​

Babylian Floating Toy Tortoise Bath Thermometer for Baby Bathing Water Temperature

​No 2 CHOICE - Babylian Floating Toy Tortoise Bath Thermometer for Baby Bathing Water Temperature

Retails Anywhere from: $13

This waterproof turtle only activated when placed into the bath. It has a very easy to read LCD display, with high, low and alarm temperatures.

It is blue for cold, red for hot and green for the perfect temperature

Ozeri Turtlemeter The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

No 3 CHOICE - ​Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

Retails Anywhere from around : $13.00

The most expensive on the list, but the turtle remains a popular choice for parents. This thermometer checks the water temperature every second. It then displays one of three colours. Blue if it is too cold, red if it is too hot and green when it is just right.

It is also a great toy, and is fully submersible. 

Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer

NO 4 CHOICE - Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer

Retails Anywhere from around: $12

This one is probably not the cheapest bath thermometer on the market place. As you can see though it floats easily, and is fun and very easy to use.

It continually checks the temperature of the bath water every 10 seconds. It also switches off automatically after 30 minutes to save battery life.

NUK Bath Thermometer BPA Free Made in Germany

No 5 CHOICE - NUK Bath Thermometer BPA Free Made in Germany

Retails Anywhere from around: $11

Although at number 5 on our list, this is in fact the HIGHEST RATED on Amazon. The water world motifs makes this very appealing and the thermometer itself works well.

Understanding Temperature Fluctuations for a Baby

Any baby's skin will react more quickly to water that is too hot. The reality is that their softer and more delicate skin will burn much faster than the skin of an older child or an adult. Likewise when exposed to cold bath water, their body will also cool down a lot faster. You simply want the perfect temperature to make sure your baby is comfortable. A good bath thermometer can ensure this happens.

What is the PERFECT Temperature for a Baby's Bath Water?

The quick answer is 37-38 degrees Celsius . (98.6- 100 degrees Fahrenheit)That is the normal temperature of a human body. The elbow trick I mentioned earlier is a very crude method of finding that out. When you dip your elbow in, the water should never feel too hot or too cold. It s just not the ideal solution for many, who prefer to opt for a digital thermometer.

​The ideal room temperature for a baby is at least 22 C (71.6F). One thing we do know, is that a baby's skin is delicate. That makes it extremely sensitive to changes in temperature.

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What Types of Bath Thermometers Are There?

​As you can see, they mainly come as some type of fun play toy. They show up as giraffes, ducks, flowers and all sorts of bright coloured objects, that catch the eyes of babies and small children. The good news is that they can also be used for measuring the temperature of a room, when not being used in the bath itself.​