Baby Shower Gift Ideas

baby shower planning guide

There is something about finding out that you are pregnant that is for me the best news of all. Well, now some may say that it comes second to hearing the grand proposal of a lifetime. For me it was that first realisation that something was actually growing inside of me that seemed to be the most special thing of all.

After the wedding ceremony, and you have had some time to spend with each other, hearing that your love has borne fruit is for many people the icing on the cake. For first time expecting mothers, it is a difficult and tough enough task to search and look for all the right stuff and equipment the baby will need.

I would strongly suggest that "Moms-to-be" need to list down all the things the baby will need. The sooner they can do that, then they can start to plan and get some items in  a little bit at the time. That way you can buy each item and be well prepared for the baby's arrival. But there is another easy way to almost have it all, without getting too much headache over it. That well known solution is to hold a baby shower party!

There is of course some preparation required to host a baby shower but I think that is worth the effort. Anyone invited to the party will bring a gift and I guess you could say, the burden of searching and looking for baby stuff is passed on to the invitees. Most baby showers today seem to follow a theme. If you would like to find out more about planning a baby shower, then please click here.

Some Quick Baby Shower Theme Ideas

There are several ways of choosing and deciding on a theme. Many women simply opt for a color theme. If you already know the gender of the baby, pink or blue is used to universally represent a baby girl or a baby boy. Some people like to mix it up a little more and maybe base their them around something like a pacifier or a baby bottle.

Others go all out and have a character-themed baby shower such as the Sesame Street, or the Looney Tunes? It could also be a time-of-the-day baby shower whereby each invitee is tasked to bring something the baby would need or use during that time of the day.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

​In this section I just wanted to throw some general baby shower gift ideas out there. There are some obvious but very useful ones such as a baby gift basket, a layette gift set, some useful baby equipment, baby linen, a baby massage set, or a baby gift certificate. Each gift idea is unique.

For the baby gift basket, some ideas they suggest is to create your own baby gift basket or go for the classical clothing baby gift basket where you can never go wrong. I have reviewed baby gift baskets here. You can also go for monogrammed baby gift baskets, fun baby basket, mother and baby basket, gift basket for twins, or a pampering baby gift basket. So for those of you with eclectic tastes and full of adventurous spirit, baby shower gift baskets, wall art for the nursery room, and personalized baby gift items are just some of the baby gift ideas that you could give.

​Baby gift baskets do come in all shapes, sizes and price points. They also show great thoughtfulness for putting it all together. Baby gift baskets are so unique because you can personalize it, make it blue or a pink basket depending on the gender of the baby. You can make a gourmet basket, or a food baby basket or even a baby bath gift basket. There are a lot of ideas you can think of to make it a unique baby gift.

A baby blanket is a perfect baby shower gift to give that is full of love and thoughtfulness. Having it personalized is even nicer. For those with more formal or perhaps even practical tastes and preferences, monogrammed baby linen would give that sense of tradition.

​If you have the funds, why not start the baby in a starter savings account?

After the Party is Over

Once the baby shower is finished, that is the best time to take stock of what you have already received and what you did not receive. For those items still missing from your list, you can then make a final list, and plan to get those in. 

​Baby gifts are the best when the person giving the gift has put some love, thought and attention to give that very special baby gift. It is not that difficult to look and search for baby gifts as some would think. It is just a matter of creativity and time to think what the baby might need or use in the future.